You snooze you WIN

Have you ever laid in bed and wondered, why am I still awake?  Why can't  I sleep?  Well I have.  In my quest to find sleep remedies I discovered that certain plants are good for your bedroom. 

Yard Lighting

Once the weather starts turning warm we all start spending more time outside.  Working in the garden, playing with the kids or the dog, or just laying in the sun soaking up the rays.  But once the sun starts going down, how do you light up your yard to maximize the amount of time you can spend outdoors?  I found some cool tips and ideas on Pinterest that I want to share with you.

Use rope lights to line your garden or deck.  This is good for stairs and edges to keep from falling.

If you have a gazebo or canopy string some LED Christmas lights in the top to light up the area but cast a pretty glow AND save energy. LED won't get hot as fast either so you don't have to worry about how long you leave them on.

Here is a link for a shabby chic garden. Has some cool ideas for hanging lights you can do yourself.